Lemme upgrade you (for under $10 bucks)

Halloween season is upon us! If you’re time-pressed to carve a pumpkin because you procastinated (just like me), here’s a fun, easy and messy way to festively get your freak on: get a white pumpkin, glue crayons to it and grab a blow dryer and go wild! At least, that’s my version of ‘wiling out’ nowadays and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m currently unemployed and kinda loving it. I’ve been transitioning from the busy medical world, where it was always go, go, go, into a quiet life in the country. Yet it’s always one or the other it seems: when you have money, you ain’t got no time. Now, I have all the time in the world but not a whole lot of dough to start up my creative projects. 

Challenge accepted! Here are my favourite penny-pinching projects to make our house a home:

1.) Use scrapbook paper and mod podge to decorate light switches. 

Tutorial: http://m.housewivesofriverton.com/2wcckeb/articles/50089/Covered-Light-Switch-Outlet-Plates

2.) Use a gemstone (I used a $5 pendant) to make a drawer pull. My hubby grinded off the old knob for me and I used E6000 to hold together. I tried epoxy glue at first but it fell off like Joey’s silly putty. Friend’s reference, anyone?


3.) Turn an old grungy coffee table into a chalkboard coffee table. I bought the paint for $7 at Michael’s. Great for board game nights and hilarious or deep quotables.

Tutorial: http://www.lizmarieblog.com/2014/08/chalkboard-top-coffee-table-makeover/

I’m in the middle of another home diy project involving an antique sewing hutch I picked up for $50 on Kijiji. It involves a few hours of sanding, some torquoise paint and dark wood stain. Who needs glitter when you have sawdust? 


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