Beautiful Wall Art for under $25

I’ve always wanted our very own “Frame The Alphabet” wall art for our home but I cringed at the thought of paying over $100 for a framed one. Enter Groupon. Oh how I love thee. It’s over 50% right now plus the cost of shipping. I was Jonesing. See what I did there?

Since I’d recently changed my last name (not to Jones but it’s Dutch counterpart), I wanted to show it off in a big way. But I still hated the thought of paying $60. I found a Groupon for $5.00 for 4 single prints. Lucky for me, my new last name is short! It came to $6.86 in taxes. Not so fast. All of my online shopping go rigorously through Ebates. At 9% Groupon rebate, that’s $0.60 back in my pocket. That’s the frugal motto!

I’m going to digress a bit and talk about how much I love Ebates. I tried to introduce it to a few friends of mine but it was always met with suspicion. “Too good to be true.” Have they forgotten the days of mail in rebates? It’s legitimate. I received a $10 sign up bonus, which I cashed in by PayPal. Then I used it to get more rebates using the same website! I have another $7 payout in November for my online purchases. And I’m no big shopper as you can see.

I used my Groupon promo code to buy my prints and just paid the $18 shipping fee. I love photography and found objects and anything that’s got to do with personalization. I know I’ll love it and I’ll be thinking of this deal come Christmas.

To further my frugal plot, I’m thinking of making the hanging frame from old barn wood and twine that we used as signage for the wedding. Plus, it makes a great date in the workshop!


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